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The Prostate Clinic is a new development in the services offered by Dr. S.L. Tolani. The primary focus of this clinic is in the diagnosis and management of all prostate diseases:

To provide information and guidance on a full range of surgical, non-surgical and minimally invasive treatment options
To offer latest technology for treatment of prostate diseases including lasers, laparoscopy and robotics

Prostate diseases are increasingly common. Common diseases of the prostate are benign prostatic hyperplasia, prostatitis, and prostate cancer. The management of these conditions has become increasingly complex with many options in therapy. Many specialized tests are required to come to an accurate diagnosis of your condition. Once a diagnosis is made there are several ways to treat the problem, medical and surgical. It therefore makes sense to make these services available through a specialized clinic dealing only with these problems. The objective of such a clinic is to not only provide diagnosis and treatment but also proper counseling of the patient.
The Prostate Clinic Mission
Led by Dr. S.L. Tolani, an established urologist of national and international repute, the prostate clinic offers holistic and state of the art prostate care in the city of Jaipur.

Dr. Tolani has for many years specialized in the treatment of prostate disorders. This clinic is a culmination of his efforts to provide comprehensive prostate care to his patients. The clinic will offer thorough medical evaluation, scientifically based clinical data recording, a full range of diagnostic tests including serum PSA testing, Transrectal Sonography ( TRUS ) of the prostate, and TRUS guided prostatic biopsies if indicated.

Considered diagnosis is made & various range of treatments will be discussed including medical treatment, surgical treatment, advanced treatments or watchful waiting ( active surveillance ). You will be allowed to decide on what treatment will suit you best. If surgical treatment is required, you will be treated at a leading private hospital of the city.
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